A downloadable game for Windows

I'm here again zezezezezeze! Joining the Extra Creditz Game Jam with a theme of "Awezome Per Zecond".

Thank goodnezz the power zupply went up again zo I managed to continue and finizhed the game before the deadline.

Here'z my zhort awezome game, enjoy! Zezezezezeze

-Go to 'fontz' folder and inztall 'Red.ttf'.
-Pleaze read the 'Readz Me' file.


No minorz or children were harmed while creating thiz game.
It iz in FICTIONAL world.

~ Darco (>v v<)



Install instructions

  1. Download RAR file
  2. Extract it
  3. Run the .Exe file
  4. Enjoy Playing!


MONZTEPORN (EC Game Jam).rar 81 MB


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I thoroughly enjoyed your game, what I really liked was that you based the game on how you felt when making this game. Or that's how I see it, if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. Either case, I made a video of it and I hope to see more interesting content from you in the future, I may try out your current games, good luck!

Thank you so much for doing a let's play! subscribed. Yes I made the game without any plan, just right into the moment. Again thank you!


Perfect! Enjoyed every second of it!

Thank you Jennifer! :) c(_)~