A downloadable game for Windows

A ztory about a monzter and hiz pornventurez.

Welcomez to my gamez. I am famouz now...zezezezezeze. I am Darco and thiz iz my experiencez. I don't kno why the dev. made a game like diz. Hiz inzane! xD

Halu: Hahahahahahaha maaan...

Margarita: I know right...

Lavender: 3:E


For the Heroic Monsters Game Jam. A short mini visual novel. Pleaze download ma game or elze I will eatz you... xD

Genre: Dark and Green Light Comedy.


Install instructions

  1. Download RAR file
  2. Extract it
  3. Run the .Exe file
  4. Enjoy Playing!




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MA PORN!!! XD This game cracks me up, every time!  From someone whose made The Firefly, you go and make this. LMFAO Well this is also coming from someone whose made serious, sentimental, tear jerking music before, who has turned around and made music out of fart sounds. XD

Zezezezezez thankz man for your zupport! xD


Aw you making great games!

Nice one! - Again ^_^

Thank You Jennifer! zezezezezeze xD


LMFAO! Ma porn videos are there!! Did i read that correctly?! XD YES I DID!!

Thank You Michael! zezezezezeze xD