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"I've been a traveling musician for years now. Playing music in the streets with my best bud Egor. I've met a lot of different people and shared a lot of memories but there is this one village that I will never forget, that changed my life forever. The Village That Never Sleeps."
~ Robin Moon



~Sasuke Kannazuki

~Adrian Von Ziegler
~Joel Steudler

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~Jay Harrison
~Jennifer Barrios Tettay
~Nasran Jackie Salleh
~Joseph Timothy Butler
~Michael Lancaster
~Callum Munro
~Michael Bradamore
~Ya'kub Ayers




~Keyboard keys for character movements.
~Enter/Space for accept/OK
~X/Ins for Menu or cancel
~F4 for Fullscreen (press F4 then F3 for better viewing).


Note from the Dev.

I made this game for the IGMC 2018 and made it for almost a week only so you will notice the "rush" quality of the game. Nevertheless, I tried all that I can just to submit a "decent" game. Win or not, it is another accomplishment in my part for actually finishing a game for the contest.

I will definitely improve the game in the future. I may still use the graphics style of the first version but I will improve the other aspects like music, gameplay, title screen etc. Still not yet written in stone. Everything can change in the future release base on the feed backs that I can get.

I put all my heart into this game and we should all do no matter what passion you've chosen. I dedicate this short game to my mom who passed away years ago because it's about family love. That's it for me now.

I will improve the game and also the game page (Itch) in the near future.


Download this link because the old one has a virus. Erase the old file if you already downloaded it. This is the better and improved version of the game. Download it HERE.

*I can't update the game yet because of the ongoing IGMC 2018.

To my mom who loves me unconditionally. Thank you. ☕


Install instructions

  • Download RAR file (The Village That Never Sleeps.rar)
  • Extract it
  • Run the .Exe file (The Village That Never Sleeps (IGMC 2018).exe
  • Smile!


The Village That Never Sleeps.rar 78 MB