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Ohhh, this was so good! The story was delightful and yet heartbreaking at the same time, and graphics are deliciously old school and the ending is very bittersweet but worth the effort.

The only criticism I have (and it is one that's echoed below), is that the enemies that can do damage (the bats and especially the snowballs) are pretty harsh and there's no real way to deal with them. It would be nice to be able to battle against them or at least if the game made it easier to avoid them! I died a lot of times trying to advance the story, which really made things frustrating from time to time.

It was an awesome experience though, and I look forward to seeing what you create next! =)


Thank you so much MikeyBlighe for playing The Firefly! I really appreciate it. I subscribed and followed you. I will improve the game in the future. Best of success to your channel. Again thank you! c(m)~

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Thank you JenniferHaydenRaven, Yee, Nostro, and MikeyBlighe for taking the time playing my game. Your feedback and comments will definitely help me to improve the game even more. I will take all your words into consideration and note everything. Again thank you. I'm grateful.

~ cm 


I'll be more than happy to replay the game after you update it, looking forward to it!

Done, added you to my thank list. :)


Very nice game. I do agree with some of the other comments about the bats, as they are now, they detract from the game, several times I've died trying to talk to someone. They can make exploration very aggravating, if I run into an empty dead end and find the entrance blocked by them, there seems no way of getting out except dying and reloading the save. If you include enemies there should definitely be a way to either defeat them or defend yourself and escape them. The players death should result as a lack of skill on their end, not simply happenstance. randomness can be good for shaking stuff up, but should never be the sole factor in killing a player.

However now that I have the negative out of the way, I will say I really liked it. The story is good, short and sweet, with a great amount of heart. I love the pixel art character portraits, and the assets are all nicely detailed and go together very well.  Exploring the area, discovering and speaking with the various characters, and solving their dilemmas can be satisfying. Finding the leaves next to the skeleton, then later finding the person that needs them gives a nice "ahha!" moment. It does seems strange that falling into a hole transports you to a different section of the map, so this could use a little bit more context, do you fall into a tunnel and just walk to the other side?

Anyway, great work!

Thank you so much for playing my game. I really appreciate it. Noted and I will improve the game. Again thank you. :) 


- The Bad things:

The bats serve no real purpose other than distract the player from the main objective in a bad way, half the time I saw myself running through the Talk options because they don't pause during that time, I actually got myself surrounded by 4 bats while picking dialogue, of course they killed me instantly after the chat ended, also, they can oneshot you in the same scenario, make one follow you and then talk to someone, after the dialogue ends the bat will unleash the might of a 10 hit combo. I really think that this game would shine more without those pesky bats.

- The Good things:

The game's story is quite simple yet charming, it has a lot of interesting characters in the world (which I did not fully enjoy because those bats).

- Final thoughts:

I think the game revolves around the bats a little too much, the holes, the jumping through a log mechanic, they serve no real purpose other than avoid the enemies which is not the purpose of the game, it's not an action rpg, is a simple, charming, story driven game. My humble suggestions, if the author decides to work more in the game, is to remove the enemies, make the map smaller (or less repetitive) and let the story shine by its own.

I see, thank you so much for playing my game. I will consider your advises, noted. I will improve the game. Again thank you. :) 


This was a short and bitter-sweet game. I loved the overall tone of it, it was fairly cheerful until the end. It had some funny and random RPG monsters in it which were cool enough on its own. I really liked the beginning story, kind of reminds me of the Greek myth of Orpheus. For a game jam especially, this deserves props and respect, it has the capacity to make the player feel, and that is what matters. Even in this small game, it has the ability to connect to the player's inner values because of the tragedy beneath its surface. I really enjoyed the design and winter features, they really mesh with the sadness this game carries. Super fun, easy and relaxing, but still very deep. Excellent work!


Thank you HaydenRaven for playing my game and for your feedback. Thanks also for making a Let's play video. Have a great day. :) 

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Sorry for some English grammar error. I already fixed them and updated the game. :)

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Hey i was wondering if you could give a game im making with RPG Maker VX Ace a try! I've designed the game by myself, including the loading screens, Map icon, Combat voice acting for the Main character and all of the music.  :)Here is a trailer for my game.
I'm uploading it on my Itch also, and the new version will have a level up system that does not interrupt gameplay.
by the time you get around, hopefully the game will be uploaded on my Itch. 

I also apologize for seeming to just barge in with my post, i didn't really know where else to post to contact you. ^^:


This game is wonderful and one of the best I played lately. In fact I'm crying. 

Good job :)

Thank you so much Jennifer for playing my game. Thank you for your help too. Have a great day.  :)